Industrial Paris

Wherever a small workshop has held its own and they are tenacious there you will find a bit of industrial Paris, such as that of de luxe dressmaking, interpenetrating the commercial, the artistic, or the literary (even in the fashionable regions). Around the Bourse the manufacture of such things as passementerie has intrenched itself because […]

Commerce Of Paris

Early in the 19th century covered passages appeared in Paris which attracted to them the small merchants who could take advantage of this new commercial development. They are still in existence, although some of them are rather shabby. One of them, however, insists upon keeping up with the times and has a “syndicat” of merchants […]

Antique Shops In Paris

It is everywhere at odd times and in all the antique shops every day in the week. But the first official junk shop must have been the one in the Cour du Dragon, just off the boulevard St Germain, on the rue de Rennes. In what had once been a riding school approved of by […]

Paris – The Conflagration Is Inevitable

THIS morning I left my hotel with two “first things” in my head : money and a typewriter. Both were intimately connected with the war, however, and with each other. It was not that I anticipated much difficulty in getting either, but that I needed both badly. When I got over to the region of […]

Paris Of The Faubourgs

PARIS being a great manufacturing city, its plebs have naturally had the ambition to rule the roast. This is what has given it the importance it has had all through French history. Multiply the natural quickness of the race into the development of that quickness by the practice of the skilled crafts, and this product […]