Streets Of Paris

THERE are four thousand streets in Paris, and if you knew what their names meant, who the men were for whom they were named, you would know the history, not only of the town, but of France, the French, and of much besides. Four thousand streets in Paris, and over two hundred of them (if […]

Where To Breathe In Paris

Consider the chain of “Places,” which we would call “Squares,” where there is really a space big enough to let the automobile gas mount to the upper regions and leave room below for air. For the learned men have proven that the air near the ground in Paris is better than that higher up as […]

Paris – The Rue Barrée

There is one street which changes place every day and is never without commerce; it multiplies itself quite often in different parts of town; upon it no vehicles pass, and quiet descends or, if you prefer, ascends from its pavement: this is the street which has traffic cut off from it while being repaired, the […]

New Streets And Old Of Paris

The rue Etienne Marcel is a colorless and fairly new extension of the rue des Petits Champs, a street which is so old that, try as it will, it can never entirely change itself —for which we may be grateful. Paris was not at all sure of the part Etienne Marcel played in the municipal […]

Paris – The Rue De L’arbre Sec

Odds and ends of old streets can be found in among the department stores which have demolished the quarter behind the church of St Germain-l’Auxerrois (that is St Germain who came from Auxerre). One of these is the rue de l’Arbre Sec. You need not feel too deeply the loss of this street, for the […]

Paris – Rue De La Rochefoucauld

One of the most charming of those quiet streets in the 9th Arr. which runs out of the rue St Lazare east of the Place de la Trinité is the rue de La Rochefoucauld. And it commemorates a man whose life touches many of the phases of modern life, although he died in 1827. He […]

Paris Business Along The Quays

The bookstalls on the river-side have been too much described and are too obvious to need even a paragraph. But interest is always held by the fact that these boxes fastened to the stone parapets were the forerunners of many a bookstore in Paris. They began in 1603, when Henri IV gave his permission to […]

Paris – Rue Monge

There are certain streets to whose names, without any conscious reason whatever, you take a dislike; the rue Monge was one of these for me. That is why I want to make my apology by telling what it stands for; it led the way from descriptive geometry to cinematography, for one thing. And this is […]

A Cross Section Of Paris

The Place de l’Etoile is the center of twelve avenues, spokes to its hub, all of them well built and modern. Three arrondissements meet here, the 8th, the 16th, and the 17th. A little less than five miles away to the east, and in an almost perfectly straight line, is the Place de la Nation, […]

Paris Down The Rue St Martin

Looking down on Paris from the sky or, more conveniently, upon its plan spread out on the table, you will see a long thin line which stretches from the most north-eastern point of the city limits to the point where it crosses the Seine, to keep straight on to the Cité Universitaire and on to […]