Tugboats And Barges In Paris

There are boats tugboats and barges on the river, and they may serve very well as a lesson in French. At Paris, a Seine barge may be anything from a berrichon, a mar-gota, a flute, to a chaland. It all depends upon the size, and the sizes range from those a hundred to those one […]

Canal Of St Martin In Paris

It is because the skill and generosity of St Martin appeal equally to the people of France, that you can see the episode of his cutting his cape in two, cut into the stones of many a church. In Paris, for instance, it is to be found on the walls of the old church of […]

Paris Hansa

It is a pity that there are no “water-coaches” today running between Montereau and Paris on the one side, and between Mantes and Paris on the other. For those two towns marked the limits of the power of a 12th-and 13th-century organization, called the Paris Hansa (or Union). Whoever brought his merchandise by river route […]

Port Of Paris

The Seine, Boulevard of Business THE Seine is a thoroughfare through Paris for millions of tons of raw materials, foodstuffs, and even merchandise. That fact does not take from its picturesque possibilities or from its historic importance as the reason for the very existence of Paris. There is grave doubt whether it ought to be […]