We Hear The Good News From Alsace In Paris

I WAS walking down the “Boul Mich” this morning when I met the Musical Critic, whose pickings are pretty poor these days. He was full of the rumors of a great no, more than that decisive battle in Alsace yesterday. “It is all up with the Germans, thank God,” he cried, dancing on one leg, […]

The Christmas Midnight Mass At Saint Sulpice

I RETURNED to Paris last night, hurrying across Europe for Christmas Eve with my family, after my first absence from home since the day that war broke out. During these past three weeks I have been in Lyons, Geneva, Lausanne, Berne, Zurich, Stuttgart, Berlin, Munich, Salzburg, Vienna, Buda-Pesth, and Innsbruck—a flying trip through the heart […]

Paris – Red Cross And Red Tape

OH, that some Florence Nightingale would arise in France to break down the bars of professional jealousy and official red tape, so that those who are giving so freely their lives might receive the loving care that is their due when they are wounded on the battlefield! Without exception, the newspapers of the French capital […]

City Of Liege Holds Firm

LIEGE holds firm. Exactly why I should be fool enough today to think that the war is over before it has begun I cannot analyze. And yet I do feel that way. Every one feels that way. When Madame placed my coffee on the zinc bar this morning, her face was smiling. “My boys will […]

Paris – Vers La Gloire.

THE girl and I came up from the river through the Rue Saint-Geneviève this afternoon, and went into Saint Etienne-du-Mont. The women whom the Girl is hunting are frequently to be found in churches these days. If they go anywhere, it is only to God. You have to seek them out. Around the Tomb of […]

Paris – Jusqu’au Bout

THE news from the great battle in the north, unless the official communiques are misleading us, indicates that the Germans have failed in their last supreme effort to surround and destroy the armies that have stood between them and a triumphal entry into Paris. There is nothing left now for the Germans but to retreat […]

The Day Of The Belgian Ultimatum

THIS morning the newspapers stated that Germany had addressed an ultimatum to Belgium, demanding free passage for her army to the French frontier, and that sixty thousand Germans have occupied the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. I did not have to leave my room to see the effect of this news upon the people of Paris. […]

Paris – Red Cross And Reclame

RED CROSS work in Paris has been disappointing. At the beginning f the war a great fuss was made by the fair dames of Paris of all nationalities. Ambulances were organized by “society women,” and palatial private homes were offered to house them. Red Cross was “le “le chic.” Thousands volunteered, with the best will […]

Paris – Winter Clothing For The Soldiers

IT is getting cold in France. The principal thought of the nation is how to clothe the million and a half soldiers in the field. The Wet and the cold expose the men to a danger as great as that f the enemy’s fire. A soldier can carry in his knapsack hardly more than his […]

Paris – The Eiffel Tower

A WEEK ago, when the telegraph boy brought me a little blue slip, he looked at me with contempt and pity when I gave him a franc for a tip. I suppose he went down the stairs shaking his head and muttering, “These Americans !” But if he had known what the three magic words […]